True to Life Publishing

When you posses true self-love....

joy and happiness are sure to follow.

"Are you tough enough to meet whatever challenges life throws your way, in a positive manner? Do you really know what it means to love yourself, or is that just something cool that you would say if asked?"
  • TOUGH ENOUGH provides you with the keys for growing into your best self.
  • It guides you step-by-step to greater levels of self-mastery and self reliance.
  • Learn problem-solving and coping skills for every challenge.
  • Learn to manage your emotions through down-to-earth discussions that help you gain peace of mind.
Picture . . . there were times when I wondered if I would ever make any sense out of life.

"I've had to walk through fire in my life, and I came through the other side whole and strong. I'm going to show you how to do the same."



  • TOUGH ENOUGH will make you the ruler of your heart, mind, and world!
  • Discover the critical thinking skills you need to attain a bountiful state of joy.
  • With each chapter you will gain greater skill for meeting life's twists and turns with calm and grace. 



"Your book is off the chain!"
- Shaun H. Student, Chicago IL


"I really enjoyed Tough Enough. Ms. Johnson has much to say."
- Brenda C., College of DuPage Student, Glen Ellyn, IL


"Wow! Every kid in this school needs to read Tough Enough."
- E.N. High School Teacher, Chicago, IL


“Tough Enough made me appreciate my life much more."
- Catherine S., Student, Shaker Hts., OH


"Through personal testimony, observation and perseverance, Ms. Johnson has
produced a guide book to help the reader defeat the negative influences of their
environment. She challenges us with both introspective questions and positive
reinforcement to direct our minds toward productive and joyful lives. Tough
Enough encourages readers to develop tolerance, thoughtfulness, and the ability to
make rational choices. Tough Enough is first class."

—Holly Lee, Retired Teacher, Naperville, IL


"Fantastic book! Living a better life, one that is happy, disciplined and meaningful
is what Tough Enough is all about . Life is tough, and this book provides a road
map, packed with wisdom from an author who has a lot to share about leading a
successful life."

–Karen Dunford, Librarian, Naperville, IL


"I highly recommend this thoughtful, well written book to all who are seeking
purpose and meaning in life."

—Elaine Neal, Retired Teacher, Chicago, IL


I have read "TOUGH ENOUGH" and found it to be one of the most realistic views of modern life and education. The author shows deep insight and compassion with her subject. She helps us understand the challenges and calls us to take positive action. I see it as a valuable tool for both readers and teachers. Reading the book you feel the love that heals and transforms.

-Reverend Richard Billings, Unity Church Of Oak Park, IL




Music Composed by Aaron Lockhart